Hearing Rehabilitation

Hearing loss rehabilitation is the management of hearing loss in a much broader approach than just the use of hearing aids. Rehabilitation services should include: understanding and adjusting to your hearing loss, managing hearing loss symptoms like tinnitus, understanding the connection between hearing and cognition, exploring assistive devices, applying communication strategies, and taking charge of your hearing healthcare. To reach optimal hearing functionality, a hearing loss rehabilitation recommendation must be individualized and comprehensive, which is what our Audiologists will ensure. Our Audiologists provide you with the most recent, evidence based, and ethical hearing loss rehabilitative approaches.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Strategy may include:

How Hearing Loss Affects the Brain

  • Hearing loss and cognitive function are highly connected and learning this process will help you to understand realistic expectations for hearing and communication. The effects of hearing loss often have significant consequences on both cognitive function and neural integrity.

Communication Strategies

  • Education of family members and friends will help them to understand how to effectively communicate with you and be aware of what you need from a communication partner.
  • Learn to manipulate and control your listening environments so that you have the best advantage to hear and understand speech.

Auditory Rehabilitation Programs

  • LACE – Listening And Communication Enhancement. LACE is a home based auditory listening program designed to improve listening and communication skills. This is often a part of a rehabilitation program along with the use of hearing aids.

Your Legal Rights

  • Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that requires accommodations for people with hearing loss in the workplace and in public places like hospitals, courtrooms, and places of worship. The Audiologists at Mile High Hearing can educate you on your rights and provide you with many resources.

Support Groups

  • Hearing Loss Association of America – www.hearingloss.org