Hearing Protection

Of the approximate 36 million Americans who have hearing loss, one in three has noise-induced hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss is caused by damage to the sensory cells found in the inner ear (cochlea). Once those sensory cells are damaged, they cannot grow back, so the damage is permanent. Damaging noise can occur if you play a musical instrument, attend concerts, work with tools and machinery, shoot guns, mow your lawn, attend big sporting events, and many more situations. The Audiologists at Mile High Hearing are passionate about educating people about noise-induced hearing loss and how to protect their hearing. It is always better to prevent possible hearing loss than deal with its repercussions later.

There are three main solutions to help prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

  1. Move away from the noise source. The further you get from the source, the more the volume will decrease.
  2. Turn down the volume. Listen to your personal stereo system (MP3, CD player, etc.), car stereo, radio, television, or speaker system at lower volumes.
  3. Protect your hearing. The use of hearing protection is the best solution for many occupational and recreational loud noise situations. Customized hearing protection can be an easy, comfortable, inexpensive, and effective solution. The Audiologists at Mile High Hearing will educate you on how to properly use non-custom and custom hearing protection so that it offers you maximum benefits to reduce noise exposure.

We offer custom hearing protection applications for:

  • Musicians
  • Industrial settings
  • ShootingĀ and/or hunting
  • Communication molds
  • Recreational use
  • Swimming
  • Sleeping