Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

The hearing aid fitting appointment is the beginning of your evaluation period with your new hearing aids. Colorado state law requires that any office dispensing hearing aids offer at least a 30 day trial period. Based on research, we know individuals need more time to adjust to hearing aids and assess functional benefit. At Mile High Hearing we offer a 60 day trial period. During your evaluation period, you will typically have several follow-up appointments to track your progress in the rehabilitative process.

At your fitting appointment, your Audiologist will check the physical fit of the hearing aids, will program on the computer based on your hearing loss, and will orient you to the care and use of your hearing aids.

Your Audiologist will discuss expectations of the hearing aids, similar to what was discussed at your hearing aid consultation. It is typical for people to experience a significantly different volume and/or sound quality with hearing aids. It takes time to adjust to hearing aids. It is important that you wear your hearing aids as much as possible to allow your brain time to adjust to hearing differently with your hearing aids and to keep it well exercised with sounds. Your hearing aids will not restore your hearing and listening capabilities to the way they were before you developed a hearing loss. Everyone experiences a different benefit from hearing aids. Your Audiologist will guide you through the process, making sure you receive adequate benefit and that you feel comfortable with your new hearing aids.

We highly recommend you bring a family member or other support person with you to your hearing aid fitting appointment. Having a family member or friend with you at this appointment is important. It is helpful to have another set of listening ears since a substantial amount of information will be addressed at this appointment. Having another person learn about the process can make the learning curve easier once you get home.

Attitude is an important key to success with hearing aids. Research has shown that people who have a positive attitude do better with hearing aids. It will take time to get to your best benefit with hearing aids, and by working closely with your audiologist, you will be successful.

Real Ear Measurements

Real Ear Measurements are a verification process that is used to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed appropriately for your hearing loss. A small microphone is placed in the ear canal and measures how the hearing aid is amplifying different sounds. Live speech mapping ensures that your hearing aids are programmed appropriately for your ears and hearing loss. This also allows you and your family members to see and understand the benefits of hearing aids.

Research has shown only about 20-30% of hearing fitting and programming includes Real Ear Measurements. Real Ear Measurements are a standard in best practices for hearing aid fitting and programming. The Audiologists at Mile High Hearing always include this procedure in hearing aid fittings and significant programming changes to ensure that you are receiving the best audibility from your hearing aids and that they are programmed appropriately.