Hearing Aid Services

Advances in technology, along with extensive research, has enabled hearing aids to progress over time to the current digital hearing aids available now. As a patient it can be difficult to understand the variability of hearing aids in the industry and decide on a hearing aid that will accommodate your listening needs and your lifestyle. Our audiologists strive to provide you clarity and educate you on the options available. At Mile High Hearing, our Audiologists will provide you with a hearing aid recommendation that is based on who you are as an individual and your specific listening needs. Recommendations are based on many factors such as, hearing loss, lifestyle, cosmetic considerations, ear canal size, dexterity, physical limitations, etc.

A hearing aid consultation and communication assessment appointment allows our Audiologists an opportunity to educate you about hearing rehabilitative options available to you. Our Audiologists will work with you to create a customized and comprehensive rehabilitative plan. A skilled Audiologist is a large factor in a successful outcome with hearing aids. Our Audiologists will provide counseling about the process, expertly fit the hearing aids to individual needs, and verify the hearing aid programming with specialized testing equipment.

Hearing aids need routine maintenance, some of which you will be able to do at home, but other maintenance must be provided in office. The Audiologists at Mile High Hearing recommend 6 month hearing aid checks for routine maintenance and are able to provide all the necessary services for routine maintenance.

More information about the rehabilitative use of hearing aids can be found here.